Guitar Headphone Amp Reviews

Do you want to practice outside your home studio or away from your main amp? Would you like to be able to practice without disturbing other people around you? A guitar headphone amp may be the solution to your problem. These little amps plug right into your guitar and will power a set of headphones. You can even practice outside as these headphone amps run off batteries.

There are many decent guitar headphone amps on the market, and we have identified the best guitar headphone amps which will allow you to practice wherever you want without disturbing other people.


What are the key features of guitar headphone amp?

When looking for a guitar headphone amp, make sure that it possesses these four major features:

Music Quality

Hey, if the guitar headphone amp does not sound good whats the purpose. You should not have to sacrifice sound quality to be able to practice with headphones on.


These little amps have to be able to be played anywhere. In the park, next to your spouse in the bedroom, or on the back porch. If the amp is not ultra lite or run off batteries, then you are wasting your time and money.


Does it have an AUX port so you can play a mp3 player through the amp to jam with? Runs off batteries or is it rechargeable?

Customer Reviews

Definitely check the reviews on any product you are researching online.  Use other people’s experience to help you decide which  guitar headphone amp will be best for you.

9 Guitar Headphone Amps

[table caption=”” width=”700″ colwidth=”10|150|340|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|center|right”]
1,Xvive Guitar Headphone Amp,Xvive Headphone Guitar Amps Classic Rock Amplug Amplifier Mini Amp USB Charge GA-3,No Rating,$19.99
2,Vox Guitar Headphone Amp,VOX AP2AC amPlug AC30 G2 Guitar Headphone,4.4,$39.85, Editors Choice
3,Behringer Guitar Headphone Amp,Behringer Microamp Ha400 Ultra-Compact 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier,4.4,$24.99

4,Nux Guitar Headphone Amp,NUX Classic Rock Guitar Plug Headphone Amp,4.1,$10.31
5,Donner Guitar Headphone Amp,Donner Classic Rock Pocket Mini Guitar Headphone Amplifier with Rechargeable Battery,4.2,$15.99
6,Joyo Guitar Headphone Amp,Mini Pocket Guitar Amp Amplifier Joyo Ja-03 Tube Drive,4.0,$18.50
7,Mono Price Guitar Headphone Amp,Monoprice 611500 Mini Headphone Amplifier for Guitar,3.9,$11.99
8,Nady Guitar Headphone Amp,Nady AxeHead Miniature Headphone Guitar Amplifier,4.2,$34.99
9,Electro Guitar Headphone Amp,Electro-Harmonix Headphone Amp Portable Practice Amp,4.3,$40.80


Xvive Headphone Guitar Amps Classic Rock Amplug Amplifier Mini Amp USB Charge GA-3

Xvive Guitar Headphone AmpGA-3 is a guitar headphone amp that has that classic rock sound you are looking for. This amp is a rechargeable mini amp that plugs into your 1/4″ guitar plug. This amplifier also comes with a 3.5mm headphone output & 3.5mm aux input. There are 3 knobs for gain, tone and volume and also features a power indicator light. Just simply connect directly to your guitar and headphones to be able to jam without disturbing others near you . You also have the option to plug in your ipod and play along to your favorite songs.


  • Rechargeable
  • Portable
  • 3.5 mm aux input


  • No reviews

<<Latest customer reviews and prices on the Xvive Headphone Guitar Amps Classic Rock Amplug Amplifier Mini Amp USB Charge GA-3>>


VOX AP2AC amPlug AC30 G2 Guitar Headphone Editors Choice

Vox Guitar Headphone AmpThough it looks a compact contraption the ampPlugAC30G2 packs quite a punch when you attach it to your Electric Guitar and want to rock not the neighborhood but just yourself with true analog sound accompanied by fitting headphones to go with it.

The versatile 180 degree rotatable plug lets you do your thing without the cords attaching to it getting in your way which gives you that extra comfort to dance or twist when you are jamming away to the utter confusion of the onlookers whoever they may be.

This highly efficient and quality product comes from the long line of dependable VOX amplifiers which have been providing amplified sound to the music industry, for more than six decades.

Though this guitar headphone amp is priced at a upper limit of US $ 39.85 it is worth every dollar and has the power to give you unlimited listening pleasure which is exclusive as it is just for you and that too of what you are playing and that is special.

No neighbors are going to come tapping on your front door with teeth baring to give you an earful, rather they would be envious of you when they see you playing and jamming all alone and they are missing the fun.

The music scene is changing and we would need to keep up with the prevailing changes and our neighborhoods are also getting crowded hence units like these are what you should have with you at all times so that you could just plug in and play without any worries at all.

One of the best units in the range and has been well accepted by music enthusiasts since it was introduced and has had a good response where practicing with it plugged in is easy as it is peaceful to others.

Vox makes several types of guitar headphone amps. There is a bass version, classic rock version and of course a metal version as seen in the video below.


It includes an Auto Power Off capability, which provides longer battery life even if you fail to switch it off inadvertently for convenient and easy use.

It weighs just 3 ounces and is just 7x1x5 inches in dimension and is portable.


It needs two units AAA size batteries, which would have a limited usage time or batteries rechargeable outside could be used which again would need interruptions during performance.


Many reviews that are very enlightening and with a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 which is really good for the way in which the product delivers what it is made to do.

<<Latest customer reviews and prices on the VOX AP2AC amPlug AC30 G2 Guitar Headphone>>


Behringer Microamp Ha400 Ultra-Compact 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier

It is in fact four amplifiers in one casing and weighing just 15.5 ounces and just 2.5 x 5.2 x 7.5 inches with four individual volume controls which makes it very versatile in use.

Any type of headphones could be used and with others watching four individuals rocking away not knowing what the fuss is all about could be real fun and groovy no doubt.

Uses a 12 Volt DC adapter which is included in the unit that would deliver unlimited usage without any interruptions hence the fun could go on for as long as you like.

The components used to manufacture this unit is of the highest quality possible which delivers high sound resolution and further it would do so for many years as long as you keep on playing and enjoying yourself.

How many musicians think responsibly? If they did not all these years here is the perfect chanc for them to change and do whatever they have been doing without disturbing a soul around them.

This unit just packs a lot of music power and could provide you perfect opportunities to practice or just play when all the rest of the world around you is asleep.

Getting one at your nearest store is what you should be doing if you are a dedicated musician with social responsibility high up in your agenda, because with this unit you just do what you want without disturbing others.


Allows for multiple headphone use, in fact four at the same time, which could permit three others including you to listen and jam at the same time without disturbing others around.

The Ha400 delivers high sonic quality sound even when the volume controls are set to high, which adds to your listening pleasure.


Could be heavier and also bulkier compared to other headphone amplifiers but hold it ! This one is really a “Four in One”, so that compensates for the bigger size.


Customer reviews are high at 4.4 out of 5.0 and has been reviewed by more than 700 potentials and the comments have been more favorable by users giving a tremendous boost to the Ha400.

 <<Latest customer reviews and prices on the Behringer Microamp Ha400 Ultra-Compact 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier Guitar Headphone Amp>>


NUX Classic Rock Guitar Plug Headphone Amp

Nux Guitar Headphone AmpThe cheapest in the range of Headphone Amplifiers at just US $10.31, but it is a miniature dynamite and packs power more than its price and size.

The dimensions are just 100 x 88 x 23 mm and it weighs just 43 gms without the two units of AAA batteries that are needed to power the NUXClassic.

If two AAA –  Alkaline batteries are used it would last for a sure 40 hours of non-stop jamming your blues away and having just for that duration of time.

One guitar plug Headphone and batteries are included for just unpacking and having all the fun you want wherever you are.

Provides Classic British Distortion and the unit not only packs some real power it is elegant to have with you as it has a well crafted design and finish to make it a very handsome unit.

The versatility of the unit and its looks has brought it to the attention of many and has been accepted as value for money.

Picking up from a store or online will give you the real sounds that you have been yearning for to play your guitar peacefully if you want to without your next door lady banging on your front door.

This is what you really would want to do, when as a responsible musician you would want to your thing without disturbing the others around you.


It can be carried in your pocket and an amplifier in your pocket is something music buffs of a bygone era would have laughed at or would probably have thrown you in the nearest drain.


Battery replacement is required at the end of the stipulated time and this could be an additional cost that would not compensate the low price tag.


It has a 4.0 over a 5.0 rating which is not very bad looking at its size and what it delivers. It has invited nearly 100 reviews and would have a bright future due to its very compact size.

 <<Latest customer reviews and prices on the NUX Classic Rock Guitar Plug Headphone Amp>>


Donner Classic Rock Pocket Mini Guitar Headphone Amplifier with Rechargeable Battery

Donner Guitar Headphone AmpIt is very versatile as it permits you to play along with your MP3 or CD player giving you that extra incentive and opportunity to practice and see if you could meet the high standard of what you are listening to.

It has a built in rechargeable battery and the cable is supplied to give you unlimited fun and the cables to connect the CD or MP3 are also provided with the unit.

It is ready with all the required connections and really a little power house if it is good loud music you want to play and hear too at the same time and this is just the unit for you.

The size is just right at 80 x 30 x 15 mm and weighing a mere 50gms t is pocket size and is the ideal one to carry around when you need to quickly get away to do some jamming at just any location you want.

The name say’s everything you would want to know about this unit and that is Classic, without doubt it is what it professes and with one attached to your guitar you could belt up some real quality sound but to your listening pleasure alone.

Taking one along with you wherever you would want to go and belting up the tempo is what you should do, and that at your earliest convenience.

The Lithium battery and the power indicator would give you jamming for hours and that would be great fun anywhere, at anytime.

Let others sleep you just take your guitar and then jam away take your tension off enjoy the music and make as much hype as you would want but just for you and for no one else.

It would be exclusively for you and for your ears only and that is fun at its best and one you would remember always as this unit will last you and provide service just like you always wanted.


The built in rechargeable battery no doubt is the feather on its cap and is just a plug in and play without any worries at all.

Al the needed cables are included in the pack making it a hassle free unit to just unpack and do what you really want to do.


Though the battery is rechargeable it has a life ofb just about 15 hours and has to be recharged again after that particular time of usage.


A very good rating at 4.2 over 5.0 and has been well accepted by all those who have been lucky to pick up the unit and use it.

There have been just a little below 50 reviews but many are asking many questions because they are confused as to how such a small contraption could deliver that much of sound power and quality performance uninterrupted.

 <<Latest customer reviews and prices on the Donner Classic Rock Pocket Mini Guitar Headphone Amplifier with Rechargeable Battery>>


Mini Pocket Guitar Amp Amplifier Joyo Ja-03 Tube Drive

Joyo Guitar Headphone AmpThe name says it all, it is a Mini Pocket Amp no doubt and at just 1.6 ounces and 3.4 x 1.6 x 0.8 inches it fits into your pocket and could be your travelling companion studio providing you big bang sounds wherever you want to jam.

It is equipped with a MP3 input jack that is 3.5mm and also a 3.5mm jack for earphones and provides super quality sound for the size it packs.

The small compact size is a technological breakthrough in providing quality sound in a small little contraption that is being accepted by many as good value for money, which at US $ 18.50 is a bargain.

If you really want to rock and do it all by yourself and you would also like to give some peace of mind to those around you this is the unit you need, just plug it into your guitar and play as much as you would want.

This is a very good unit and one that you always wanted to use when practicing at odd hours of the day when you feel like it to do your thing and here is what you have been waiting for all these years just plug in and play disturbing none.


The size and weight are the cream on the cake and it is priced moderately and made affordable to anyone looking to take an amplifier around in the pocket, which was unbelievable a few decades ago.


The ear phone jack may be the one drawback but when the size is small there could be certain restrictions and this could be one.


The review rating is 3.9 out of 5.0 and is above average and s not spectacular but just good and with about 170 potential reviews the product has what it needs to be big among the other giants alongside it.

  <<Latest customer reviews and prices on the Mini Pocket Guitar Amp Amplifier Joyo Ja-03 Tube Drive>>


Monoprice 611500 Mini headphone Amplifier for Guitar

Mono Price Guitar Headphone AmpThis small but high power unit is equipped with a ¼ TS plug which connects directly into the instrument to provide the amplification that would give you clear undistorted high quality sound.

You could practice with your guitar whenever you would want to even in the dead of night without waking up your neighbors as you could plug in your headphones and just listen on your own to what you are playing and that the uniqueness of this versatile unit.

Powered by two AAA batteries that would give you hours of service and the unit has a 3.5 mm TRS output to plug in your headphones and just what you would want to do at anytime and anywhere that you would want to.

Fits into the palm of your hand and is an elegant unit too, which would be the envy of those confused onlookers when you plug it in and play your guitar with none around knowing what all the excitement that you are having without them.

You could really give those proud neighborhood buffs something to think about when you have all the fun and they watch with gaping mouths, envy written all over them.


The unit is compact at just 4.5 x 6 x 1.2 inches and is just an unbelievable 2.4 ounces and would fit into your travelling back and that is an amplifier walking with you wherever you go. Would not that be a good idea for a musician like you.


It would be great if rechargeable batteries were included in or with the unit anyway externally recharged batteries could be used which would save on cost.


It has a 3.9 out of a 5.0 rating which is satisfactory compared to what the unit is up against with so many competitors it has to contend with.

  <<Latest customer reviews and prices on the Monoprice 611500 Mini headphone Amplifier for Guitar>>


Nady AxeHead Miniature Headphone Guitar Amplifier

Nady Guitar Headphone AmpLike all other units in this range this too plugs directly into your guitar giving your other household members and of course the neighbors’ peace of mind because they would have pin drop silence when you are rocking away playing your favorite tunes and listening all by yourself through the head phones that you are using.

It has gain, tone and volume controls just the things you need to mix the right high quality output that you would need whatever tune you are strumming on your guitar.

Equipped with an auxiliary input jack to connect a CD/MP3 player or any other sophisticated device you may have into the unit and play along to your heart’s content.

You are a responsible musician and that would what you would be doing as nobody would be disturbed whilst you are having a bash on your own and that would be fun no doubt.

All the required cables are provided and you don’t have to run around the town looking for that elusive cable not found in a store near you.

The need to change batteries is avoided as you can just plug the unit into your computer USB port and charge the unit whilst plying to yourself even if you want to all day long and nobody would be bothered to ask you as you are not in any way disturbing their peace.

Once you get the unit, you are in for a treat as you just plug in and play and that is fun at anytime and convenience at your finger tips.

Like what it gives out the unit is elegant too, it has smartness written all ove and is one that you could be seen around the neighborhood too.


This guitar headphone amp has a built in rechargeable Li-ion battery that gives you around 15 hour of non stop performance time and that is really great as you could play till you are exhausted.


The only thing is this unit comes with a US $ 34.99 price tag which is higher than other units in the range but checking out the additional features available and would advantage it brings could make it a good buy.


A rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 and that is great and though it has a higher price tag it is accepted well due to what it packs so reading and understanding what really is in this unit is advised before you pull out your wallet.

  <<Latest customer reviews and prices on the Nady Axe Head Miniature Headphone Guitar Amplifier>>


Electro-Harmonix Headphone Amp Portable Practice Amp

Electro Guitar Headphone AmpThe unit clips onto your belt and with your guitar in hand it would deliver the power you need to listen to what you are playing without letting your neighborhood take arms against for disturbing their peace.

This guitar headphone amp is equipped with batteries when delivered and the fun that you want could be started just as you unpack the unit and give yourself the right tempo with your guitar and fingers assisting you.

At 9.6 ounces weight it is s bit heavier than other units but packs good power within and is a favorite among the musicians who know what they want, so be you too.

The dimensions are quite respectable to what it professes, that is portability and is just 3.5 x 0.6 x 2.8 inches which makes it a small but powerful amplifier and one that you could use with headphones which are not provided but available freely for that jamming session you always wanted, to rock to.

Though some things may be dearer than the others what it gives back could not be quantifiable sometimes and looking at exactly what you want and selecting the best and one that would suit your purpose is what you should go and buy.


It is a just plug in and play with no worries at all either to you or the person next to you it all for your ears only and that is what you want, don’t you?


The price is quite steep at US $ 40.80 and only this could put some customers off but a closer look at what it offers should be taken into consideration before you would cast it away.


A great rating at 4.4 out of 5.0 and that is the highest for these types of units available so it say’s something and that is even though it may have a higher price tag and does not come with headphones it packs power and that is indisputable, to say the least.

 <<Latest customer reviews and prices on the Electro-Harmonix Headphone Amp Portable Practice Amp>>