Electronic Drum Amp Reviews

Electronic Drum Amp Reviews

When making the beat to your music stand out, you will require a powerful drum amp that gets the sound out right the first time. An electronic drum amp can work wonders for your playback.

A great model will help you make the most of your drum practice sessions. You can monitor the sounds of your drums when you play with a great amp. But to get an amp to work well for you, there is a need to look around with care to see what ideal options might work for your needs when enjoying a great drumming session with a powerful and strong amp.

What To Look For When Purchasing an Electronic Drum Amp

Before taking a look at a few of the best electronic drum amps on the market, you have to look at a few critical points when finding a great drum amp.

  • The electronic drum amp must come with a series of controls that lets you tune a variety of things on your set. Adjustments for the presence of the drum sounds and the equalization of tones are needed.
  • Appropriate ports are also required including ones that link to headphones, a music player or computer.
  • Drivers must also be checked to see that they are large enough to handle more power while still delivering clear sounds.
  • A unit must also have a powerful body that can last for a while. It should be able to handle the pressure that comes from playing back sounds from a drum kit without risking it being too rough or distorted in any manner.
  • Please note that a guitar amp does not have the bass a electric drum set needs and a bass amp does not have the highs an electric drum set needs.
  • Keyboard amps and amps designed for Electronic Drum Sets have the ability to produce good bass and treble sounds.

The options for your electronic drum amp are rather vast. Let us take a closer look at some of the various amps that you can opt from.

8 Electronic Drum Amps

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1,Peavey KB 1 20W Keyboard Amp,Peavey KB 1 20W Keyboard Amp,4.5,$139.95,Editors Choice For Small Amp

2,Be,Behringer Ultratone KT108,4.5,$89.99

3,Be,Behringer Ultratone K450fx Ultra-Flexible 45-Watt 3-Channel Pa System,4.3,$199.99

4,NUX-DA30-Electronic-Drum-Set-Monitor-Amplifier-Percussion-AMP-30-Watt-10”-Full-Range-Coaxial-Speaker,NUX DA30 Electronic Drum Amp Percussion AMP 30 Watt 10” Full-Range Coaxial Speaker,No Rating,$239.99

5,Peavey KB 1 20W Keyboard Amp,ddrum DDA200 200W Electronic Percussion Amp,4.9,$399.00,Editors Choice For Big Amp

6,Alesis TRANSACTIVE400 Electronic Drum Stage Amplifier,Alesis TRANSACTIVE400 Electronic Drum Amp,4.7,$299.99

7,Stagg EDA40 USA 40W RMS 2 Channel Combo for Electronic Drums,Stagg EDA40 USA 40W RMS 2 Channel Combo for Electronic Drums,No Rating,$247.54

8,KAT Percussion 50 Watt Amplifier,KAT Percussion 50 Watt Amplifier,5.0,$236.18


Peavey KB 1 20W Keyboard Amp Editors Choice For a Small Practice Amp

Peavey KB 1 20W Keyboard Amp Electronic Drum AmpThis electronic drum amp is backed by the reliability of the legendary Peavey products that has been in use performing above par for many years now.

It is the perfect amplifier for getting your drum machines, backing machines, keyboards or even to be used as a public address system when you want to do so.

It has two separate channels backed with a two band EQ for each channel and is also equipped with a headphone out, for quality personal listening pleasure without disturbing the neighborhood and a 20 watt drive with 8” extended range speaker to listen to if you need to blast out.

There are many models available that may not suit your requirements hence check out what you need and then match it what is needed and then go buy it.

It is encased in a very strong and study metal casing which is just ideal for all the rough handling it would be subject to when being transported from location to location if you are a travelling music buff.


It is made in the United States or imported under licensed manufacture. Great portability as it weighs just 16 pounds and strong enough for constant moving.

The price is just right and is a very good buy for the job at hand and with its features that allow for some quality sound to be enjoyed with most of the instruments that you would use.


There are complaints of a white hissing noise but other than that there are no major cons to talk about and a higher speaker output would have been ideal.


The reviews have been great for this electronic drum amp as most of the users have been satisfied with the purchase, and is at a proud 4.5 Stars out of 5.00 and that speaks volumes for the product.

It has been performing well above average and customers are happy with quality of sound that it dishes out.

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Behringer Ultratone KT108

Electronic Drum AmpThis versatile product is equipped with quality 20 watts and 8” dual cone Bugera speaker, for enhanced sound quality with wide frequency response.

It has the inputs to hook up two separate instruments of your choice which has two individual volume controls that gives great options and with the headphones input jack providing you private listening pleasure, you could listen at leisure all by yourself without waking up the neighborhood.

You could hook up a CD player and with great sound quality being dished out the options you have cannot be said as being limited, and the headphones capability is a very good option.

Virtual Tube Circuitry or VTC for top quality sound is what this offers along with the ability to polish up the sounds you create equalizing them as you would want, gives you just the right tempo when you need it.

There is a high respect for Behringer and it is backed by the standards maintained over the years and being a product from Germany it is the right one for your personal choice of good music quality.

Behringer does make some great equipment and this could be classed with the rest of the family and with the backing of this musical giant you would be buying a good product, which would last you a very long time.


Very hardy casing to withstand any amount of moving around, and at just 13.9 pounds it is the ideal amp if you are constantly on the move.

Headphone for easy listening whilst practicing which gives you the choice to even dish out some music at midnight when you feel it and only you would be enjoying with the around you fast asleep.


It is good for small areas within an enclosure but not good for large open areas, where the quality of sound could drop but it is also a bit on the high side as far as the price is concerned.


The customer reviews have been fare but not to keep up with this great product but with a 3.7 Star rating against 5.0. The performance has not been a concern but it may be they expect more than what the product offers as that could be limited.

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Behringer Ultratone K450FX

Behringer Ultratone K450fx Ultra-Flexible 45-Watt, 3-Channel Pa System Electronic Drum AmpWeighs 39.7 pounds and is encased in a very strong outer shield to protect from accidents and could be a bit on the heavier side but this product by Behringer conceived and designed in Germany packs a real punch when it is high quality sound that you would need to dished out when you want it.

Ideal for Public Address system with a versatile 45 watt 3 channel system that is also great with keyboards with the branded FX and FBQ feedback detection.

The very powerful 10” high quality Bugera speaker is just what you would need to keep the tempo and give the mood for some real rocking.

The digital integrated FX processor has an amazing 100 presets which would include reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and many other effects that would give you great quality sound.

The 5 band equalizer gives you so many options to adjust sound quality as and when you want and mix up sound for listening pleasure and the headphones are the biggest asset as you can practice till the wee hours of the morning and none looking through their windows would know what you are up to.


Dishes out super sound quality and with the 5 band equalizer it gives you the options that you would want in a product like this.

The features are great especially for the price you would pay and the many options make this a great product to buy if you really want to have high quality sound at an affordable price.

The product is faring well with little complaints which are not very serious as the unit for what you pay has been well received by music buffs and they are fully satisfied withwhat they have received for the price they paid.


After sales service may be a area that the product lacks and that too for such a great brand, the ehlpenvisaged at the other end of the line is not forthcoming and that would irritate anyone.


Customers who have bought the product are happy and the reviews at a great 4.3 out of a possible 5.0 stars and that tells the story what the product could do for you, too.

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NUX DA30 Electronic Drum Set Monitor Amplifier Percussion AMP 30 Watt 10” Full-Range Coaxial Speaker

NUX-DA30-Electronic-Drum-Set-Monitor-Amplifier-Percussion-AMP-30-Watt-10”-Full-Range-Coaxial-Speaker Electronic Drum AmpThis electronic drum amp is portable and at just over 30 pounds it is a great buy for anyone who wants to pack a punch with some great music which could be enjoyed to the fullest.

The product has the most important CD line in which would provide high quality sound and bring the levels of music expectations to a new high.

There is very good quality music on CDs and playing them and listening to them is also a priority for some and getting the right equipment to match it is the knack you need to have.

Just the ideal amp to put your drum set to the test and once you bang the sounds, it would provide you with sound like none other for the price you pay.

Delivers 30 watts of unlimited powerful sound through 10” full high quality and full range speakers and you could get a friend to join in too as there are two input jacks.

The speaker works in tandem with the unit and has been the reason for its popularity as there is no difficulty in monitoring the performance and with the opportunity to expand it would give you years of great performance.

The unit has two separate additional controls to adjust treble and bass which provides great flexibility in getting the right mix in the sound.

When the drums are at work and are beating the sounds out, the unit responds positively to the actions and synchronizes well producing some very great sounds.

The DA30 which has the TSAC technology developed in Germany offers very rich sound quality and if you are drummer looking to get you off on the path to success look into this unit it is a great one.

If you are looking for something to supplement your drumming and want to get the best out of your efforts this is the ideal product for you, it has everything you would want and more, at a price affordable too.


The price is reasonable and complaints about the product are at a minimum and have been well received by those who have bought this and it has a lot to offer and is a great performer.


It does not have a headphone jack and this could put the old ladies down the roads on a flutter to compliant about the racket that you would create when you rip the place up.

Playing this to full blast may not digest well with the neighbors hence beware that you do not court trouble.


There have not been any reviews so far but some are expected soon.

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ddrum DDA200 200W Electronic Percussion Amp Editors Choice For Larger Practice Amp

ddrum DDA200 200W Electronic Percussion Amp Electronic Drum AmpPacks 200 watts of power to give you the liberty of bringing the listeners to you with a massive blast of sound of a very high quality and that is what this unit provides.

The three band equalizer is just what you would want to get the right mix of high quality sound which you could dish out wherever you are.

Select the amplifier that you would want according to your requirements and then match it with what you have in the market and then make your purchase.

The unit is portable and at just 15 pounds and within a very strong casing to protect the systems inside it could be carried around to bring the sound that you create right to the doorstep of your friends and others.

This could be referred to as a “kickback” amplifier as it is compact and generally used for quality drum beats which is one big craze today.

The MP3 out gives flexibility to attach one for good sounds and the ¼” inputs and XLR line out and has the possibly of a headphone for use so that you could listen to your own gig without the others in the household not knowing what you are up to.

You could use headphones which makes it that extra special as you could sway your body listening what you are dishing out and enjoying all by yourself.

The unit is good to attach any instrument be it drums, guitar or any other and it will give you higfh quality outputs and that is what we all need when we hook up and listen.

This could be shipped only within the United States and for international shipping please refer for details, which you could find online.


It is a high quality product with very good reviews and the product itself does well on stage and is a great performer. The product has all what it takes to make it a much sought after unit especially in this segment


The price may be on the high side when you compare with the others in the same category and this could be one drawback.


A fantastic review with 4.9 out of 5 makes it just the right product if you too want to possess one. Most of the customers have only good things to say and gives us the impetus to improve in the future.

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Alesis TRANSACTIVE 400 Electronic Drum Stage Amplifier

Alesis TRANSACTIVE400 Electronic Drum Stage Amplifier Electronic Drum AmpThe unit is versatile as it delivers 200 watts of power and when the need arises it could bring you a maximum of 400 watts all wrapped and dished out.

Ideal for connecting your drum set and synchronizes well with what you would bring out of the drums when you bang them up to your heart’s content.

Every amplifier does not do your beckoning hence it would be prudent to find out everything about a product before you purchase it because that is your prerogative.

The speaker is angled to enable it to be placed at strategic locations to bring optimum and quality sound to all those around it and with its weight at 44 pounds it may be a bit heavier than others but it is well protected to give the components inside to withstand moving shocks.

The headphones volume can be controlled making it just the right one if you don’t intend to disturb your household or neighbors when you dish out the sounds and you can enjoy all by yourself.

Three equalizer controls with treble, bass and mid giving many options to get the right mix that you would need, with also a master volume control and the controls are very strong.

Look out for the product and it would be made available very soon and it is s product worth waiting for as it packs quite a punch when it delivers it’s quality sounds for the discerning music lover.

There wouldn’t be a long wait as it is one product that many are waiting for and should be made available very soon. Hence keep your fingers crossed and wait for the day and pick up one as it arrives.


This electronic drum amp dishes out great sounds and is a very strong and sturdy unit that delivers as it has handsome and smart looks which are what is required if you are moving it from place to place.


It may be heavier and bulkier for a small room if that is where you intend keeping it. It has been sold out and no date the stocks would be replenished.


Greta reviews having received 4.7 out of 5.o stars and that speaks volumes for the quality that this unit dishes out and the quality of sound which is great to say the least.

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Stagg EDA40 USA 40W RMS 2 Channel Combo for Electronic Drums

Stagg EDA40 USA 40W RMS 2 Channel Combo for Electronic Drums Electronic Drum AmpStylish metal front grill adds a sophisticated image to the product and is ideal to have around the home bringing out its quality sounds.

Seeing it there is no doubt that everyone seeing it would want one too, it is as good as it looks and sounds even better and is the ideal one if you really want some super music.

It has a master control for volume giving listeners the option of adjusting their own audible sounds which give them the right mix when wanting to enjoy some quality sounds.

It also features a Channel Aux and a ¼”” line levels a stereo input jacks and volume controls which could give much flexibility in listening quality.

A great buy for those looking to bring more components into their versatility and this could be one unit that would do the trick for them.

The channels of which there are two could be used to bring tow instruments and both volumes controlled, there is also the right line input jacks and the compressor controls.

It weighs just 17 pounds and that is a very light load to carry if you intend moving around and it would not be a burden at all.

The quality of sound is great and has been approved by all those who have used it and they are all happy and that makes’ it a great product.


It is reasonably priced for a product with such versatility and has fared well and has had good reviews too, and has been dishing out some quality sounds.

The overall look of the product is great and that is what is making it one product in this line up a worth buy for the price it is sold for.


There is nothing adverse that could be said about the product and it comes as a good quality product and should be studied before buying and the information available is minimal.


No reviews at the moment.

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KAT Percussion 50 Watt Amplifier

KAT Percussion 50 Watt Amplifier Electronic Drum AmpWeighs 37.1 pounds and is a great product from a great company who have been providing quality products for super sounds for many years now having that edge over others who have had their products lines failing in the market.

Dishes out 50 watts of sheer power in super sound quality and the portability is one of its major assets as it could be moved around without much difficulty.

This amplifier is specially made for electronic drums which is the latest among the best drums on the music scene and fits the beats of drums like a duck taking to water.

The large carry handle provides easy moving and the strong casing that protects all the components inside is also very light though it gives a very rustic and hardy image to stand tall among other products in the same range.

The KAT amplifier range is specially manufactured after research to match everything that a drum would do and to accommodate every whim and fancy of versatile drums.

The headphones jack enables you to listen undisturbed as no one would come howling out that you were disturbing their peace.


This electronic drum amp is ideal for small rooms or small areas where easy listening pleasure is the priority and it would soother someone who has a real ear to appreciate quality music.

The power output could be only 50 watts but it does deliver on the promise.


The price could be a bit steep for the product comparing other similar in the same family it could be beyond the reach of some.

Once the product is established then we would have some more feedback and then could gauge the extent of popularity.


 Superb reviews at a staggering 5 stars from a maximum of 5.0 stars that speaks volumes for the product and it is sure to stay among the other versatile products that we have in the same product line.

It is envisaged that more positive reviews would be brought out and the product would do well in the future too.

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